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Minimizing the Bible? – A pastoral pondering about C5 (Insider Movement)


Here is another article that deals with the Insider Movement (C5) written in a more pastoral tone that I think many may find helpful as they wrestle with this (yes, it’s 6 years old, but still very appropriate!). In it, Piper asks about a possible connection between “radical contextualization” in missions and the seeker-sensitive churches that are often comprised of sermons which are “advice-talks with a religious twist.” The connection is the authority and power of God’s Word.

Just this weekend, I had two engaging conversations about this contextualization with members of my church. One was with a couple who served faithfully for a few decades in the Middle East among muslims. Another was with a national leader from Latin America. In both conversations I found that the common theme is we haven’t done contextualization well. And, in typical American fashion, we are now over-reacting with what Piper calls “radical contextualization.” So this conversation is very important. It isn’t a simple, one-time-kind of conversation. This is something that should be ongoing for us as we wrestle with how to clearly communicate the Gospel in a way that isn’t devoid of the power and authority of God’s Word.

Click here to read the article.

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